USA 2016: MCcarran Airport and Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada

Kina-sosyal ko talaga 'tong 37th floor na 'to eh. hahaha!

I was on my way down the lobby when I took this picture.
Since it was the EDC weekend, most tourists don't really get a lot of sleep 'cause they obviously choose to party that whole weekend. So when someone entered the elevator and I was looking like I haven't gotten enough sleep like what I usually look like in the morning, he assumed that I attended the EDC too. haha! Imagine how stressed I looked. :))

If you're getting a room at Planet Hollywood, request the room facing the strip as much as possible especially if you're a tourist. I was fine with my room since it was facing the other areas that I frequented when I lived there so there was more drama to it. Haha!

Here is Las Vegas' airport where people get their luggages upon arrival. You'd have to take a train to get here from the main terminal. 

I have forgotten the heartbreak by now but it was well-documented in my Instagram posts. Just that I don't like to read them again. 

After airport, I decided to just go back to my hotel room and skip doing anything that afternoon. 

Don't be like me. Make use of all your time while you're in Vegas. Just be sad on your flight back home! haha! Lol. I was really feeling tired that day that I'd rather rest and make the most out of my hotel room. That was eventually a good idea because the last ten days that I spent in San Diego, California were tiring too! 

Ang floor number na kinasosyal ko. Haha! Never in my life did I thought that a day would come when I was alone, checked in at a hotel. Pero it did happen so more of this please!

That whole afternoon was spent watching television and just lying in bed. I think that was the first time I did nothing for an entire afternoon since I arrived in the States. 

Most of the pictures people see of Vegas are those from the Strip and Fremont. 

This is what the other part of Vegas look like. Before I arrived there, one of my friend who has been there before asked me, "Are you sure you're staying in Vegas? Disyerto lang paligid nun, baka ma-bore ka lang kasi walang magawa." Well, yes. I lived in the dessert, kind of far from the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown, my apartment didn't even have television but I never felt bored - not even once. Walang magawa? There are nearby casinos and starbucks and neighbors we can go to. Basta it was the kind of lifestyle that even with only three hours of sleep a day, I did not feel tired. Para sa'kin talaga that kind of lifestyle, universe. Isa pa please! European or other Asian Country naman! haha

I went down for a buffet dinner in Spice Market, the buffet of Planet Hollywood. 


Thank you. HAHAHA.

My last night to walk around this part of the Las Vegas strip. I'm still happy for myself that I hadn't done something I know I'll regret greatly during the 80+ days that I lived in the Sin City. Hahaha! Nakain man ng sistema, very very light lang. <3

Thank you.
I'll miss you. 
See you again. 

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