USA 2016: Soma Foodpark, San Francisco, California

We decided to not look for a restaurant in Chinatown and instead head to this foodpark for our early dinner. It was during the game 8 of NBA when we went there so isn't it something, diba? Watching a Golden State Warriors game in the Golden State. hehe. lol. I am not a basketball fan but it felt like an activity I can't afford to miss. Hahaha!

I had a hard time looking for a food that I liked to eat that day. This is actually the problem when you bring someone as indecisive as me in a food park where there are too much good choices.

NEWEST FOOD PARK HERE IN QUEZON CITY: The Yard, Xavierville, Katipunan
After walking around all the stalls, we lost the table we found for us. 'Yan talaga life, kakapili mo e nawala na pala 'yung talagang andyan para sa'yo. HAHA!
 When we were ready to order, the food park was packed so we couldn't find a table anymore. That's the reason why I decided to order an udon here because it was easier to eat even when standing.
Yes. Life. <3
I prefer thinner noodles so it's rare that I'll get myself an udon but I really wanted to taste this one. This was a simple garlic and cheese udon with chicken but it was delicious a filling.
Yey for the viewing party though they lost the game.
Bye, San Fo! :(

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