USA 2016: Golden Nugget at Fremont, Las Vegas, Nevada

While the usual idea of Las Vegas is the Las Vegas strip where more famous hotels can be found, you can not miss Fremont Street when you're touring Las Vegas.

Hey, this was Las Vegas before Las Vegas Strip! In this area, you'll feel the old Vegas during its neon sign glory in a more laid back vibe. 
Golden Nugget Hotel
Aside from Binions Hotel which has the one million dollar display, one of the most interesting hotels here is the Golden Nugget Hotel.

Just look at the aquarium at my back! You can slide through it. Sayang lang we didn't have the time to try swimming there.
The hotel is called the Golden Nugget because it houses the World's Largest Golden Nugget called "The Hand of Faith"
More aquarium because we weren't able to go back to Mandalay Bay for their Shark Tank. 

'Yung ang dami mo pang balak gawin pero naubusan ka na ng time. hehehe!
Uy, sino kaya?!

Miss wearing that black longsleeves, hihi, will be wearing that again in my next adventure in somewhere cold! hahaha! Walang pambili ng damit, mga bes!
So the very first time that we rode a bus in Vegas, this is where we got lost. :))) That's the reason why we decided to walk from Fremont all the way to the Strip just to "go back" to our experiences hehe that was more than 10 miles walk!! Missing it so much! But I don't mind looking for another home away from home in another state, country or continent, life! Sana sana talaga! 

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