USA 2016: Planet Hollywood Hotel Review, Las Vegas, Nevada

Planet Hollywood Hotel was my home for my last three days in Vegas. I stayed in a room at the 37th floor, it was city view with two double beds. Yep, two double beds even if I was alone. :))

Checking in, I was reminded of the movie What Happens in Vegas 'cause Planet Hollywood was the hotel were they stayed at. I felt kilig actually that once in this lifetime, I had the chance to stay there. hehe! So here below are some pictures I took while checked in. Although I will try not to be emotional nor remember all the emotions I had felt during those three days. 

For tourists, I think it's better to request a room with the Las Vegas Strip View just so you can enjoy looking at all the lights at night away from the noise. For me though, this one was perfect 'cause I wanted to look again at the places I've visited for the time that I lived there.

It must be because I didn't have television with me for the last almost three months that I couldn't pay attention anymore. Di siya nakakamiss. 'Yung mag-TV. 

This was the bathroom. 

I hurriedly took a bath, dressed up leaving this entire area a mess that Saturday morning 'cause I woke up late. I went back to the room and it was already cleaned by the housekeeper. Huhuhu. Work until you can afford to stay in a hotel every time? O just be the one to clean up after your mess? hahaha. K. Life. Sorry na.  

It was almost summer when I was staying there. I wanted to go out and explore the strip for the last time but looking at how hot it could be was kind of draining already that I decided to stay in my room and just rest. Afterall, ganda ganda naman ng room ko. 

I stayed on this bed while my things and my stuffed toy named Grace stayed at the other bed. 

It was pretty spacious room with designs that will make you feel as if you're a Hollywood Celebrity of some sort.

This was the night when I lost it. Feeling emotional and all. haha! But it was the first time for me so I handled it poorly. I should know better next time. Haha! I wish life gives me another chance to experience living in another country and the wisdom and strength to accept that it's just a phase and learn to move on as soon as possible.

Can you see MGM grand? That blue one on the right?

Although it may look pretty close, walking to there is hard. 

Sunset in Vegas.

Goodbye, my love. See you soon. :)

Overall, staying here in Planet Hollywood was fine. The staff were courteous and my room was always clean. Haha! There's also a buffet area called Spice Market by the casino which costs around $15 per person, plus a mall and it's along the strip. I just didn't have the time to go around the entire mall since I didn't have the time. 

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