Monday, August 29, 2016

USA 2016: Lester Beach, D.L. Bliss State Park, California

Our last place to visit for that day was D.L Bliss Statepark 
We were supposed to trek Rubicon Trail but we ended up in Lester Beach 'cause it was almost sundown and we didn't want to risk it especially when they told us that there are bears in the park. haha
So we found this place and no one else was in there. It felt like renting this whole cove!
This was a bittersweet part of my USA trip. A part of me wanted to completely enjoy what was there in front of me, but a part of me couldn't help it but be sad that the whole thing was ending soon. So I sat there, looking at the view. Taking everything in. <3 I was in Lake Tahoe, I was in California, I was in the United States of America, I was thousand of miles away from the Philippines, I was at the other side of the world. Charu ang drama. haha!! I actually forgot about all the drama until I read everything I wrote in Instagram. HAHAHAHAH!
This was my view that afternoon and I saw one of the most interesting cloud formation I've seen my whole life - Lenticular Clouds! On the farthest right of this panoramic picture is a lenticular cloud formation and I was seeing it personally with my eyes! Huhuhuhu I've also seen mammatus clouds in Nevada!! hahaha. Shet. Saya
A closer look of the saucer-like clouds.

Clouds like these are often see on mountain ranges and/or hovering on top of a mountain. 

Crystal clear of Lake Tahoe but it was too cold to swim in it. 
 A.K.A.vanity at Lester Beach :)))
Missing my shades!!!

Ganda ng buhok ko dun. Asar. Pag-uwi dito, bruha na naman. 
Bye, Lester Beach!!
Forever in my memory. <3
Until now, I still wear seatbelts sa car. Not comfortable na without seatbelts. Haha!
Byeeeee. :(

On our drive back to the inn...
Bye, Lake Tahoe!!! I'll be back soon!!! <3
You are so beautiful. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

USA 2016: Fannette Island and Emerald Bay, South Lake Tahoe, California

We then proceeded driving towards the Emerald Bay and here we stopped at the place they call the Inspiration Point Vista. 

As the description says, this is the perfect spot to view the Emerald Bay. We found a parking slot so we were able to go down and take pictures here for about 15 minutes.

It was soooooo beautiful and I like the fact that we didn't have to hike or trek just to see an overlook of the whole area. 

Made me want to trek Mt. Pinatubo and Taal Lake even more!!! 

Overlooking Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe!

Actually, the road to here is very scenic in itself. We had to pass through a road where you'll be seeing two bodies of water (Cascade Lake and Emerald Bay if I'm not mistaken) on your left and on your right. Haha! I really love high overlooking places so that was one place that really made me say, "Wow!" I have a video of that but yea, let's just leave it to your imagination for the meantime. 

More information signs!

Thankful for these very informative signs that tourists are able to learn something new even without tour guides.
Also in this part, you'll be able to see Fannette Island - the only island in the whole of Lake Tahoe. 

There it is. 

We continued driving and following the guide map but it felt like we were going far already and it was almost sunset so just drove back and look for more places to explore within the South Lake Tahoe area. 
Somewhere in those mountains, sayang lang na hindi kita rito sa picture, a waterfall was visible. I think if it's hikeable, you might want to go there.  Higher than the Inspiration Point so better view of the Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, definitely. 

USA 2016: Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe, California

This is Fallen Leaf Lake, that lake which we wanted a picture with before getting lost and finding the Glen-Alpine Falls and Lily Lake. 
Actually, the reason why we couldn't find a decent place to take pictures was because almost all houses surrounding this kind of felt like they were private properties. Hahaha! And we just couldn't trespass, of course. 

But then, we were like, "Whatever! If someone tells us to leave then we'll leave." hahaha. We found a space to park the car and also a space where we can quickly take pictures.. hahaha! 
Bye, Fallen Leaf Lake!!
Drive way out back to the main Lake Tahoe road. 

USA 2016: Lily Lake, South Lake Tahoe, California

After the Glen-Alpine falls, we followed the creek farther in the mountain and we saw this lake where the water of the falls come from. I only found out its name when I was geotagging my Instagram pictures but just before reaching this place, there was an information board saying that we were in one of the trailheads of Desolation Wilderness.
There are definitely a lot more lakes here. Which is actually cool 'cause I don't see that much lake here in the Philippines. My only experience (as long as I can recall) of seeing several lakes in one day was when we went to San Pablo, Laguna and explored its Seven Lakes but those are still far from each other unlike here where the Lakes are just walking distance... if you have enough time of course. :)
Yay!! So serene and beautiful this place. 

Back pictures again and again and again...
And to whom ever this belongs, hahaha, just used it for a quick-photo sesh. 
Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray... <3
Bye Lily Lake and Glen-Alpine Falls!!!!! You were really worth the "treasure hunt" loljk. We're just uninformed tourists because these places are well-known now that I am searching for then on other websites. Haha! 

USA 2016: Glen-Alpine Falls, South Lake Tahoe, California

I may sound biased to this because my name is a name of a falls here in the Philippines but yea, waterfalls, though I haven't seen a lot in this lifetime YET, is my favorite water form. Soon! Ip-peg ko 'yan sa travel itineraries ko. Charuu! haha. Yes, Lake Sebu? :)))

We were looking for a place where we can take pictures with the Fallen Leaf lake at the background but we got lost and found this gem - the Glen-Alpine Falls. It's a good thing that you can see this by the roadside unlike other falls which you would usually have to trek first before seeing. 
But taking pictures from this area didn't suffice! We went closer to the falls. haha!
So ayun na nga mga beshy!

We got lost but we found this falls! Best time to go here would be spring to early summer (maybe) because although there were still plenty of water flowing in this picture, you may see less water there during the summer.
Going near was not hard though take extra care in walking on the rocks because some are kind of slippery.
The multi-tiered cascade is around 65-70 feet high. 
Gushes of clear and cold water. 
I loved the roaring sound. hahaa. Kung roaring man 'yon.

There are a lot ot of waterfalls around Lake Tahoe since it's encircled by mountain ranges but I think we found one of the most beautiful ones!
Underwater Picture na hindi mukhang underwater sa linis.
This is the creek on the upper part of the falls where the cascade starts.

The water of Glen-Alpine falls which eventually find its way to the Fallen Leaf and Lake Tahoe is from the Lily Lake which I will be posting next and of course, the water of Lily Lake is from another water falls. Water cycle ganyan. :))) Haha! So if it's not yet obvious, compared to the Philippines which is a tropical country, water mostly come from melted snow. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

USA 2016: South Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is 7-8 hours away from Las Vegas - an almost 450 miles drive via Interstate 95. If you don't like long drives, then it's 1 hour and 15 minutes via plane.

So according to google, the estimated distance from Las Vegas to South Lake Tahoe is 438.7 miles. Just to give you an idea (or probably not pa rin kasi ang laki talaga ng mundo! Halos kasing laki lang ng Nevada ang buong Pilipinas my golly!! I can't!), the estimated distance of Manila to Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao is 488 miles.

Manila to Baguio is roughly 128 miles.
Manila to Pagudpud 347 miles

Enough with the geography lessons, we had to pass through the mountain range before reaching this area. It was so chilly when we got there that it was the car's heater that we had to turn on. It was always single digit in Celsius when the night falls and around 10-15 during the day.

That was definitely not the coldest because this place gets snow on winter plus the fact that it's 1,901 MASL. Baguio is at some 1,500 MASL. 
The whole night of driving, the map of our GPS was dark blue and when it was the break of dawn, it started to become green hahaha. That was the only time I realized that the google map, follows sunlight too when navigating.

The accommodation that we rented there allows early check ins if the room is available but we decided to look for a place to eat breakfast first. We have cooked rice and adobo with us!!!!

We ate our adobo breakfast here which felt like it came straight from the refrigerator but kebs, we were hungry.  Eating as we were shivering since the air was really cold! I was already wearing two jackets but I still felt cold, tinanggal ko lang for picture purposes. Tiis ganda eh. :)))
We brought our things back to the car and went back here since we saw a small pier and wanted to take a picture whilst standing on it.

See the difference of the above two pictures? Don't underestimate a girl who has her eyeglasses and lipstick! We can go from gah to glam. Lipstick talaga ang nagdadala beshy! HAHAHA. Kunyari hindi sabog at bangag sa buong gabing byahe.  
Our first sighting of how clear its water is!

Hahaha. This 3D2N trip of Lake Tahoe - Reno - San Francisco was actually my friend's dream trip but somehow, it kinda became Jadine-inspired.
A couple was seated there at the edge of the pier so we had to block them. Buti na lang malapad!! haha.  #walangforever oy!! :)))
Mornings at Lake Tahoe. <3

Missing my shades so much! I broke two shades on my way back to the Philippines. Huhuhu. Anyway, I will tell you soon if the universe gave me a replacement of my Xperia Z3. Hahaha. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? I hope you'll find your way to me!! :)) Ooops, not that I am not thankful for my Xperia! baka lang kase... :))
So pretty all the trees!
A trip is not complete if I don't have a picture of my back. haha!

Why though?

I really don't know.

 I just somehow made up this excuse. I told them that it's because I wanted it to look "candid" and I also want a picture of me looking at view , not just me with the view. 
Aside from jetski, some water activities like paddling, stand-up paddling, boating, kayaking are available. The water was too cold for me though not to mention that the hours that we spent there were still not enough to go to all attractions around Lake Tahoe. 
We went to the hotel, bathed, fixed our things and proceeded to the Tourism Information area to get a guide map. But yeah, we weren't able to drive around it haha. Sa South part lang 'cause gas and time. :)))
Plan longer if you're going here 'cause a day is definitely not enough! There are a lot of byways that can be found in the free guide map and that's how we spent our day. 
Made habol seeing the snow covered mountains!

This is what you will see when in Lake Tahoe area.

The jagged peaks of Sierra Nevada and Carson Ranges, of course, the crystal clear water of all the waterforms found here!

Additional Info: Lake Tahoe is the second deepest Lake in America. 
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